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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Membership Stuff

The new website is off to a terrific start. I’m happy to report that we were up 34.87% versus a negative 4.15% for the S&P 500 over our first three months (details here.)  I’m told that if we were a hedge fund, this would have placed us in the top 3%.

I’m also excited to see that our membership is growing at a respectable clip.  We now have members in almost every corner of the globe (Где ты, Россия?)

This is cool for two reasons.  First, I love to travel.  And, if we can get 10-20 folks together in your neck of the woods, I’ll be there.  Second, a more robust membership means I can afford to spend more time posting.

While we’re on the topic of memberships… as of this moment, we still have 9 charter annual memberships left.  These $700 memberships are guaranteed to never go up in price. If you’re currently in a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual membership and would like to save some serious money not only today but in 2013, 2014, etc., grab one while they last — and before prices go up in July.

An annual membership saves you $500 (42%) versus a monthly membership.  I’m also extending the offer to rebate your latest dues payment until these last 9 charter memberships are gone.  And, remember, two can join for only $500 each.  Larger groups are even less.   So, find some friends and save.

And, as always, current members get three free months tacked onto their membership whenever they refer a new annual member.  Got four friends who invest?  Get a free year. 

On another note, I’ve had enthusiastic feedback regarding live webinars for members.  Everyone has different levels of experience, and it seems like it'll be helpful for those who are still getting up to speed and/or those new to harmonics.  We'll schedule the first one for sometime next week.

Thanks for your support.

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