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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Answer is No

I have no inside information, no best friend in the Fed, no hotline to Cramer.  I'm as surprised as anyone that we keep closing within pennies of our forecast.

I mean, I believe in harmonics and chart patterns and technical analysis -- augmented by a little common sense.  And, I (usually) know when to bail on a losing position.  But, this is just plain creepy.

Today marked our 90th day, and we're up well over 30% on a cash basis (I'll post the actual results tomorrow) based on forecast highs and lows that I've posted.  Today was icing on the cake, as we landed within inches of our 1326.19 target.

Thanks to all of you who've joined over the past three months.  I appreciate the faith you've shown in joining up, and will continue to do my best to offer the best information I can.
As always, the big question after a day like today is "what's next?"

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