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Friday, June 15, 2012

Forecasts and Ouija Boards

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Back on June 1, I drew the following forecast, but was so uncertain about it I didn't post it until June 11 [see: Mixed Signals.]

On the 11th, I adjusted the timing a bit, then basically set it aside.  Other than helping me forecast a dip to 1303-1308 (which occurred a few hours later) I thought it was just a little too "cute."  In other words, it seemed a bit too obvious for it to play out.

Well, here we are -- just a couple of points away.  Despite my best efforts to disown it, the forecast has proven correct... and, right on schedule.

I don't recall making any deals with an otherworldly spirit or otherwise pledging my soul in exchange for eerily accurate forecasts.  No, I think there's something much more sinister  at work here.

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