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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Membership Sale is Live just wrapped the 3rd quarter at the top of its class.  Investors who bought SPX at called bottoms and sold at called tops would have earned over 27% (66.57% since inception last March.)  For details, click here.

Annual membership rates are going up by $100 on October 3.  But, the next 30 annual members who sign up by midnight, October 2 will score a membership for only $665.70 ($10 for every percentage point since inception.)

That’s an $800 membership for only $665.70 — about what you’d pay in 12b-1 fees on a $10,000 mutual fund, a few months of iPhone use, or a 15-gallon drum of Jet-Lube food-grade grease.

While obviously might not be as entertaining as a drum of grease, it should be more educational.  And, with all due respect to the guys in Cupertino, our directions have been a lot better.

For $1.82/day, you'll get access to the entire site: long-term and short-term forecasts, trading ideas, rants on politics and the economy, everything.  But, most of all, you'll learn.  No black boxes here.  I  explain why I see things the way I do; so, by the time I'm cruising the halls of the End of the Line Rest Home in my shiny new scooter, you'll be a pro.

Last time we did this, the discount memberships disappeared in just a few days.  Back then, we were up only 37%.  So, tempus fugit.  Enter the coupon code "QUARTER3" when you sign up.  Thanks muchly.

p.s.   If you’re already a member, you may tack it on to your existing membership.   But, remember that is just me.  There is no apprentice or back up plan, so if I'm hit by a bus or come unhinged, we're both out of luck.

p.p.s. members received this same notice late last night, so some memberships are already gone.