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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Scalp or to Swing?

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Yesterday’s Bat pattern reversal we expected confirmed this morning.  SPX, currently down 7.42, was off as much as 11.90 just after the opening.

Bat patterns complete following a .886 Fibonacci retracement of a significant move — in this case, the 1422 to 1357 drop from April 2 to April 10.  88.6% of that drop was 1414.97, and we exceeded it just slightly before the market reversed course at 1415.32.

Cash short positions established at 1415 were up almost 1% this morning.  At-the-money puts bought when SPX hit 1415 were up at least 100%.    If you bought a few, congratulations!  Your pebblewriter membership just paid for itself.

The tricky thing with harmonic patterns is how much of a reversal to expect.  Some harmonics traders, therefore, practice scalping — establishing a position just before the expected reversal (with appropriate stops) and taking a profit shortly after.  This can be very profitable and, if done properly, entails little risk.

The other method is to use these reversals to establish longer-term swing or momentum trade positions.  This method works well if there is a reason to believe the position has more room to run; i.e., other chart patterns or technical analysis hint at a continuation of the new trend.

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll walk us through my thought process.  It doesn’t always work, but it provides a useful framework for the scalp/swing decision.

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