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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Recommendation

Regular readers know how fixated I am on the ballooning national debt.  I think it represents the single biggest threat to our future.  So, I get pretty excited when I come across an important step in the right direction.

Some friends of mine have put together a coalition that urges our leaders to end their partisan bickering and get on with the job of putting this country back on course to financial solvency.

I'll post more later, but as you head into the weekend, please take a minute to check out this incredibly important message.  If it resonates (you're in the wrong place if it doesn't!) please pass it along.

Have a great weekend, everyone. 


  1. Hello...Im very grateful for your hard work and posts. You are doing a great service during these difficult times. I was wondering if you would please post your thoughts about USD. Is it a triangle ready to break down? Is it a H&S also ready to break down? Will the stick save come for DX and is this going to rocket up from 79.15 to 82-84 or crash to 77 or lower in the near term. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.  I just updated my DX charts over at

    I'm not very sure of the timing, but I'm looking for an increase to 80.54 next week, a reversal off the fan line there and a pullback to correlate with the last SPX push up (1st chart below.)  The next resistance will be off another fan line and the 1.272 at around 81.205 or 1.618 around 82.  A push above 82 would mean the equities market broke down -- because at 82 we run into a channel line dating back to 2002 (2nd chart below.)

  3. Oh yes, I think of heard of the Common sense coalition from RBN radio quite a while ago.

    *Pebble, you're one of the 4 who have linked to my page/site since it started (its 2 months today), many thanks. I hope I'm throwing out the occasional 'provocative idea/theory' from time to time. Good wishes!