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Monday, April 30, 2012

The New Website is Live!

After 385 posts over the past year, the original pebblewriter has reached a crossroads.  The blog has taken on a life of its own, as the number of hits would attest.  Many other blogs do a fine job on technical analysis, swing trading, harmonics, Elliott Wave theory or economics (I list several favorites in the column to the right.)  But, I couldn't find many that did a great job of wrapping everything up in a nice, neat actionable package.

So, I tried to build a blog that did everything -- and in a way that educates its readers -- for free.  But, my other business interests suffered.  And, for some reason, my wife and kids expect a little attention, too (my wife has these wacky ideas about me coming to bed at night, taking vacations, etc.)  I tried cutting back on blogging this past Fall; but, frankly, I missed the challenge and excitement.  And, the diminished focus hurt performance after a phenomenal 2011.  The solution, it seems, is a premium blog that delivers premium information to readers who value it.

For all these reasons, I introduce the new and improved I believe the layout is cleaner and easier to use.  The concepts and principles I use in my forecasting are integrated and explained more clearly.  I'm assembling a great collection of resources for those who, like me, want their propaganda from the source instead of through the MSM filter.  And, for the first time, I'm charging a little coin to defray my costs (not to mention establishing a reserve for marital counseling.)

Over the next few days, I'll complete the migration of each and every post from the old blog to the new website.   And, I'll also begin posting all the charts for the various indices/currencies/commodities I watch.  Most major indices will be updated regularly -- with big picture updates usually on a weekly basis (or as needed), and shorter term views more often -- typically daily for SPX and every few days for the others.

I will also post intra-day when I see interesting chart or harmonic patterns setting up or noteworthy news that IMHO isn't being covered properly by the MSM.  Once the conversion is complete, members will be notified of important posts by email.  And, over time I will add more information about chart patterns and technical analysis.  To mangle a perfectly good metaphor, my goal is to teach others to fish rather than simply providing a daily catch.

The site is up and running now, although the migration won't be completed for another few days.  I plan on leaving this site up for archival purposes, and will continue to post items of general interest there from time to time.  I'll also repost entries when I get around to it for those whose needs aren't terribly time-sensitive.  Ditto for comments and questions -- the new blog will be addressed first.

The current Blogger site gets about 1,000-2,000 hits every day, representing about 500-1,000 unique readers.  This feels like a good number to me.  I'd like members to be the first to know when I come up with interesting research -- not after thousands of other casual readers have already acted.  I also like the idea of a small, interactive community, where readers can ask questions of me as well as learn from each other.  I'll cap membership if it grows too large.

The 55 current pebblewriter followers (as of April 23, see here) will be offered a $100 discount on the first year of an annual "charter" membership through May 2.  And, while I work out the inevitable kinks and get all the charts online, a 10% discount will be offered to all new members, regardless of whether you're a follower or not.  Use the following coupon codes through May 2.
  • Quarterly:       inaug-quart
  • Semi-Annual:  inaug-semi
  • Annual:           inaug-annl
In addition, the first 100 annual members who sign up by May 2 will be grandfathered at their initial rate; i.e., no increases -- ever.  How cool is that?

And, members will have whatever membership they're on extended by a free 90 days for each referral that results in a new annual membership.  So, a handful of referrals could buy a whole extra year or more.  Just drop me a line, and have your friend mention your name/handle when they sign up.

The introductory rates will be as follows:
  • Quarterly:  $200
  • Semi-Annual: $350
  • Annual:  $600
  • Charter:  $500
I will consider discounts for selected non-profits and charitable organizations.  Contact me if this applies to you.  Ditto for other subscriber blogs who'd like to exchange professional courtesy.  I also consult for a few independent asset management firms, advisors and family offices.  This customized service includes telephone and even in-person consultations and is more strategic in nature.  Again, contact me for further details.

There are certainly cheaper subscriber sites out there, though there are many which are much more expensive.  My feeling is that one decent trade every few months will pay for any of these memberships many times over.  I don't plan on offering monthly or trial memberships.  My past work is all on display -- every great and not-so-great call I've made for the past year.  So, it's easy enough to get a feel for my thought process and style.

I've tried to incorporate the many suggestions I received when I first broached the idea of a premium site several months ago.  Some investors don't like paying for information; I get that.  But, the vast majority of responses I received were very supportive.  Whichever camp you fall into, feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts (michael at pebblewriter dot com.) Thank you for your support.

As always, the information I present on is for educational purposes only.  It is not investment advice and is not intended to address the specific goals or circumstances of any individual reader or subscriber.  The full Disclosures and Use Agreement can be found here.

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