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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Contest

Just for grins, let's give away some memberships.  Since we're likely to have some fireworks this week, I'm curious as to what folks are expecting.   From now through 6pm EDT on the 11th, submit your best guess as to the closing quote for the SPX on September 13th.

One entry only, please, and verified Disqus ID's only.   Post your entries on Disqus on The Contest post at

Prizes are as follows:
  • closest to the mark:  one year membership
  • 2nd closest:         semi-annual membership
  • 3rd closest:               quarterly membership
First come, first served.  Once a particular number is posted, no one else may chose it.  I'll do my best to police these, but it's up to you to do your homework first.  And, while you're at it, impress us with the logic behind your reasoning.  I have some monthly membership awards to hand out for overwhelming brilliance, creativity or humor.

If you're already a member, you may use your award to extend your current membership or give it away to your favorite charity or a close friend.  All winners are responsible for any taxes, etc. on their winnings, entries are void where prohibited, and Fed governors are not eligible (unless you contact me first for a little "chat.")

If Disqus eats your entry, use the "contact me" form in the menu above and I'll post it for you as soon as I notice it.  Since GoDaddy isn't fully up to speed yet, you could also copy me at pebblescribe at gmail dot com to be on the safe side.

Remember, post entries on Disqus HERE, and good luck to all!

UPDATE:  6:45 PM

Here are the entries I've received, in chronological order, as of the deadline of 6:00 PM EDT.

The median is 1416.59, the mean is 1422.60 with a standard deviation is 35.  Our most bullish entry is from FLASHRIP at 1482, and our most bearish bear is Brett at 1345 -- meaning a whopping 6.2% tumble in the next 48 hours (ouch!)

Looks like 1411 attracted the most attention, with four entries around it;  1442-1449 had five, as did 1399-1404.  Lots of interesting and well-reasoned responses, and many who didn't dare tip off the competition as to the method behind their madness.

Thanks to all who entered.  I know well how intimidating it is to put your thoughts out there for everyone to appreciate/ridicule.  It'll be an interesting next couple of days.

Good luck everyone!